Agendas can be either Life Affirming or Ego Affirming


Life Affirming Agenda's are things like:

  • Some form of education
  • Sleeping
  • Hygeine
  • Dressing to the weather
  • Being organised/ontime
  • Health
  • Polietness
  • Self care - loving self, taking care of our needs


Ego Affirming Agenda's are:

All extracurricular activities... based on the outer.


Ego Affirming - Ego affirming way - sign our child up to something because it will make them or us 'look good'

Ego Affirming - Life affirming way - child wants to do the activity, we support and focus on process not outcome

Life Affirming - Ego affirming way - Homework -approach it from a fear/lack basis - go to school, need to get a job to support ourselves - switch it to explain why school and school work is important, the learning part of school, affirming the process, what they do, how hard they work - rather than outcome

Life Affirming - Life affirming way - toothbrushing - when, where and how its done is all flexible as long as its done