Becoming a Compassionate Parent is for you if:

You would like to better understand your child and their behaviour,

You'd like to learn ways to better communicate with them,

You wish your children had a better handle on their emotions,

You'd like to enjoy the time you spend with your children,

You are committed to a connected way of parenting and

You'd love to know how to have your own needs met without feeling selfish for doing so...

Through a 10 week program I will help to guide and support you to make incredibly powerful shifts in your parenting and in your family relationships.  Each week I will guide you through new tools and techniques to develop a long lasting connection with your children and other members of your family.  

As we dig deeper into the way you were parented and why you parent the way you do now, you will find a shift in the way you see your children and where they are coming from. I will help you to understand what's happening in your children's brain and cognitive development.  Together we will discuss how to communicate effectively with them, which will lead to deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

Your home will become more peaceful and communication enhanced.  Family values at the forefront of all of your minds.  Through the techniques we create together you can eliminate the need for time-outs, consequences or punishments as a means of disciplining your children.

You and your children are able to easily move through difficult situations within the home.  You will nurture a deep connection that allows your children to feel safe to communicate with you through any situation.  

If you are frustrated with yelling, punishing, threatening or turning a blind eye to unacceptable behavior (you know we all do this) and instead you would like to raise respectful, polite and thoughtful children (yes they do exist) who are self-confident, responsible and happy, then click the button below to have a free call with me to see how you too can become a Heart Centred Parent.

What your 10 week coaching package includes:

Private Coaching - We will talk weekly via Zoom, to create your success with your new Parenting tools.  All calls are recorded for your convenience so you can re-listen whenever you like.

A Comprehensive 10 Week Online Training Program You will have access to 10 weeks of incredible resources, including downloadable audios, videos and articles.

What We Cover?

Week One: Introduction to the program and compassionate listening I hold no judgement and will help to guide you through your greatest parenting challenges.  With my support you will gain an amazing new skill of listening with compassion.  

Week Two: Letting Go of the way you were parented You can parent the way you want to, we dive deep into how you were parented,  let go of that which no longer serves you and help you to own your parenting style based on your values.  I help you to shift generational patterns.

Week Three: Shifting to a new Mindset Discover how getting into your child's world helps create a lifelong connection between you and your children. We look at emotions and learn a new language in compassion.  

Week Four: Emotional Intelligence I will help you to guide your children through their emotions and teach them ways to share emotions in a healthy way.

Week Five: Embracing Forgiveness Learn how forgiving yourself and others can help you to identify your needs.  Meeting your own needs means being able to meet others needs.  Self care is the key to an abundant life.   

Week Six: Empowered Conversations Effective communication is a key component to having a connected relationship.   I will help guide you through empowered conversations with those you care mostly about.

Week Seven: Setting Limits that Peacefully Stick This is an area that a lot of parents struggle with, until now.  I will guide you through a process of becoming clear with what you're asking your children to do, and help you to guide them to hear you.

Week Eight: Parenting with Family Values Learn how zoning in on your family values helps everyone in the family understand where each other is coming from.

Week Nine:  Playful Parenting and Transforming Anger into fun, fun, fun we will discuss ways to turn anger into laughter and come up with creative ways to engage peacefully.  I will help to guide you to turn 'moments of madness' into 'moments of fun'.

Week Ten: Your Personal Transformation Its celebration time, a time to reflect on how hard you've worked and celebrate your successes!


This 10 week 1:1 Package is $1097 - Payment options available 

Career Support payments accepted