Everyone who remembers their own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system.
— Sydney Hook

We know that teaching is a tough job, with little support offered for teachers and their well being. We know that when a teacher is thriving students are thriving. We are here to support and coach you, we are here to help you feel heard and empowered, we are here for teachers because we know they are the heart of the education system.

Do you wish you could:

  • Have a better work/life balance?

  • Better understand your students with learning differences?

  • Have a calm, happy classroom?

  • Love your work?

I just put my head down and was constantly scrambling to keep on top of things. I then had to look like I had my s**t together. I kept thinking that only the toughest survive.
— Sam

I’m Kylie, I began working with teachers when my own children started school. I saw how hard teachers work, the challenges of working with students with higher needs and lack of support, and the high expectations in managing extreme work loads. I realised that I could use my skills from years of coaching parents to coach and empower teachers.

I have been working with teachers for the past 3 years, and consulting and reflecting with them when we developed this course. From our surveys and talking directly with teachers we know that all teachers experience high levels of stress and anxiety and that there is very little PD available out there that talks about teacher well being.

We have created this course in the hope that it is a space where teachers can talk one on one each week and feel heard, they can gain new skills and feel empowered, and they can see that by putting time into themselves and their self care they can be a better teacher/parent/person.

I was ready to give up and walk away. I didn’t have time for me, or for my family
— Sheena
After working with Kylie I feel refreshed, I feel passionate about teaching again. I know how to set my boundaries, I know how important is is to make time for me.
— Rachel

Creating a Conscious Classroom

In this 6 week package we will be working 1:1 together to...

  • Help you to understand why you teach the way you do

  • Help you to align with your needs, values and beliefs.

  • Support you to better understand your students who have extra needs

  • Introduce easy mindfulness techniques and helping you to gain present moment awareness

  • Show you how to teach mindfulness to your students.

  • Support you to use play in the classroom.

This 6 Session Coaching Package is $397.00

I hope to work with you soon, with love, Kylie #calmhappyclassroom

I thought it would get easier after one huge project finished, or the deadline had been met. But it just didn’t
— Kate
I would look forward to my calls with Kylie every week, it was a time when I could dump everything that had been happening in the week without the fear that it might bite me on the ass or that I was over burdening someone. Kylie knows how to listen. After every call I would come away feeling lighter and I would have some strategies in my pocket to face the next day.’
— Flo

Creating a Conscious Classroom with Coaching


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