I'm so glad you're here...

Kia Ora I’m Kylie A certified Parent Coach, here to support Parents to create the best family environment possible:

Our biggest desire is to give our kids the best chance to thrive and make the most of life – And we know that begins at home. We want to take the best from our upbringing and add what we know is most important to us in life! I help you to create a #calmhappyhomelife

I advocate for parents to:

Understand that your child's behaviour is not the thing to focus on, their behaviour is communicating a need/needs

Trust that you know your children better than anyone

Recognise when you are judging yourself, you see more as your awareness grows

Acknowledge your limiting beliefs and shift them as they arise.

See that your child has their own journey, that you can't control them - that they are who they inherently are.

Accept and support your child as they are so they can thrive

Truly hear your children (Compassionate Listening)

Learn that they create space for you to learn who you are too.