kia ora beautiful heart, I'm so glad you're here,

I’m Kylie, the Heart Centred Coach, here to support open hearted Parents & Teachers to better understand neurodiverse children so they can truly thrive. It can be really challenging living and working with these children. I am passionate about helping you to navigate this path and create rich and heart-centred connections.

I help you to create a #calmhappyhomelife or #calmhappyclassroom.

Kylie is so welcoming, and gentle. It feels like spending time with a very wise friend. She is empathetic and, magical! Each session was an awakening, thought-provoking and emotional. Very exciting growth.

Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the work I need to do within myself, and providing the support and guidance I needed to get started.
— K Jack, NZ

My Philosophy:

  1. Understand that your child's behaviour is how they communicating a need/needs

  2. You know your child/ children better than anyone

  3. Recognise when you are judging yourself to return to presence

  4. Know your limiting beliefs and navigate your way through

  5. See that your child has their own sacred journey in life

  6. Accept and support your child as they are and they will thrive

  7. Truly hear your children with Compassionate Listening

  8. Learning from our children creates space for us to grow too

aroha Nui

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Our house is a much calmer place; we both feel better connected to our kids, more aligned with each other, and generally better equipped to deal with the ups and downs of parenting. Kylie was really insightful, while also challenging us and supporting us along the way. We cannot recommend Kylie and the ‘Becoming a Compassionate Parent’ course enough.
— Julia & Dean, Auckland
Family life is much more spontaneous – there’s much more fun, discovery and play in our daily life.
— J S, NZ

Kylie is a Certified Parent Coach and Teacher Well Being Coach, focused on helping children to be understood and valued.