Kia Ora, I'm Kylie a certified Parent Coach, Teacher Coach and a mum of three, I'm hugely passionate about children, families and teachers.

Sometimes we are just too close to see what’s really happening in our own families. We all know the behaviour our children exhibit when they need something we don’t quite know how to offer it. As a Parent myself, I know how concerning it is to not be sure how to help our family situation improve.

I always felt incredibly loved and supported as a child, leaving home and going out into the world – I was shocked to see how unsupportive some people could be! I felt inspired to really create the best environment that I could at home, and help other parents with big feeling hearts like me to do the same!

I wondered what I was doing wrong as a parent, why our son was behaving the way he was and why there was such difficulty… I studied ‘Conscious Parenting’ and realised there was more to our situation than I could perceive at the time.  He was diagnosed with autism and we have come so far learning how to support him at home now. I now help support other parents who are experiencing blame, shame and guilt about their child's behaviour and help them toward self-love to create a nourishing environment at home.  

How can I help you?

If you want to find out how to discern your children’s need and accommodate them in a way that supports you too, I offer heart-centred parent coaching. My clients tell me that they get to a place where they can see where their children are coming from. In doing so they enjoy the time they spend with their children without conflict in a calmer, smoother and more supportive way.

So, if you find yourself:

💗 In emotional chaos

💗 Always putting others ahead of yourself

💗 Not understanding your child’s behaviour

I can show you how to:

  • Tune inwards to find solace and emotional intelligence

  • How to Self Love and gain self-acceptance as a Parent

  • The tools to becoming a ‘needs detective’ to find out what the messages are beyond the behaviour.

Having one child with ASD and one with Dyslexia I remember all to well how I used to feel and think, things like being judged by others, however once I had trained to be a certified parent coach through the Jai Institute of Parenting, I made a paradigm shift in how I see my children, myself and others, and since then it has been my mission to help support beautiful parents like you to do this too.

From that shift in mindset the relationships I have with each of my three children has magnificently changed. The relationship with my husband, friends, and other family members have all been empowered too.

Our family have more tolerance towards each other and can see that each person in our house has a unique voice.... and you can have this too..

We are able to see each others point of view and because of this we have a far more colourful way of seeing the world, we accept everyone's perspective as valid. 

This awareness has been transferred into the sessions I offer. I can help you have more co-operation at home, and support you to live in a calmer, more tolerant environment. 

In our case (Like any other family), we still have moments of madness (we are human after all), yet we are all far more forgiving and accepting of each other and I can help you gain this too. 

I'm much more of a stress-less mum and kinder human being on this planet, because I now come from a place of joy with my family.  

Does this sound like something you would like? I know only too well how it felt to scream at my children and then fall asleep at night with regret, and you don't need to live like this anymore. I can help you...

Conscious parenting is a new paradign shift in the way we look at our roles as parents. It’s turning the spot light away from fixing the child and managing the child, obsession with all things that have to do with the child and the child centric approach and really focusing on the evolution of the parent.
— Dr Shefali Tsabary