“Parenting nowadays can be confusing and exhausting, even when you feel you are doing okay there’s very little support out there for you as a parent whatever age or development stage your child/children are currently at.

Is there a better way to get out the door in the morning? Am I okay at this? Why is my child behaving in this way?

That’s where Kylie the Heart Centred Coach comes in, through her 10-week coaching course tailored to your unique needs and circumstances, you will learn a new way of parenting and way of being with your children that is incredibly positive and transformational.

Kylie’s compassionate and nurturing style will allow you to gain new insights about yourself and your relationships with your child/children. We’ve found the 10-week course has led to subtle but powerful shifts in, not only how we parent, but also how we communicate with each other and within our work places and wider networks.

It has led to deeper, more loving connections with our children and with each other. 10-weeks is not a huge investment for a job as important and rewarding as being the best parent you can be.

Make this investment in your children, your family and most of all your-self – we’ve discovered a much more relaxed, tranquil and fun-filled family life has come out of doing this course.

We completely and whole-heartedly recommend Kylie and the Heart Centred parenting courses to you.” - Aimee, Taupo

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Kylie as our parenting coach. She has a wonderful natural ability to interpret our complicated family dynamics and come up with practical solutions for us to move towards a more positive, conscious style of parenting. The holistic approach she takes, working through all the experiences that have led us to this point in our journey, has been enlightening and positive for us in so many aspects of life, not just parenting. There has been a huge amount of learning around how to create connection in our family, and now when we face frustrations we have fantastic tools to work through in a way that encourages that connection. The benefits are also evident in our relationship as husband and wife, as we learn the best way to communicate with one another, and have some perspective on why we react the way we do at times! We can’t recommend Kylie enough, her intuitive and gentle style of coaching has been an enormous blessing to our family, and we are looking forward to continuing our parenting and family journey of growth alongside her.
— Mere, Auckland NZ
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Kylie was so welcoming, and gentle. It felt like spending time with a very wise friend. She is empathetic and, magical! Each session was an awakening, thought-provoking and emotional. Very exciting growth.

Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the work I need to do within myself, and providing the support and guidance I needed to get started.
— K Jack, NZ
Our house is a much calmer place; we both feel better connected to our kids, more aligned with each other, and generally better equipped to deal with the ups and downs of parenting. Kylie was really insightful, while also challenging us and supporting us along the way. We cannot recommend Kylie and the ‘Becoming a Compassionate Parent’ course enough.
— Julia & Dean, Auckland

“Family life is much more spontaneous – there’s much more fun, discovery and play in our daily life.” - J.S, NZ

We found the parenting course with Kylie amazing.

It wasn’t just about how to parent but how we were parented which was a highlight for us. To understand both my childhood story and my husbands really was insightful.

With having three kids at different ages and stages and all so different, parenting was becoming challenging and we found we did not have a lot of patience.

Since doing the course I have learnt to understand the kids from how they see a situation which makes me react in a more positive way.

Best course you could do as a parent and having Kylie’s support and understanding is worth the investment for your family.
— Leisha, Auckland

A big breakthrough has been pausing and listening to our child’s expression of their needs – and also our own.” - N.C, NZ

Working with Kylie has been both fun and hugely educational. I use to think that we could just wing it through and things would work out and although this is true to a point Kylie has really helped my wife and I unlock a whole heap of skills and tricks to help us on our parenting journey. Our weekly chats to Kylie are more like friends catching up than a “study” session. Not only have the sessions helped with our parenting but have also been beneficial for our marriage as it has allowed my wife and I to see things from each others perspective.
— Martin, Auckland NZ
I love the family values session – it’s something that sticks with you after the course, and is an incredibly powerful tool for making both every-day and long-term decisions
— N.S, NZ