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Inspired by the work of Suzi Lula, Transformational Coach and Self Care leader (find out more about her here)

Things to have handy…

Your journal and some loose paper, coloured pens/pencils, a pen and pencil close by.

1.    Set your intention

Maybe your intention is to release feelings, maybe you want to come away feeling clearer on something, refreshed, allow insight into something, if it helps, close down your eyes, focus on your breath, slow down your breathing and allow your heart space to open, feel into what the intention is, often it’s the first thought that comes to mind.

2.   Give Yourself a voice

Using loose leaf paper, allow yourself to be heard.

In a nonlinear way, give yourself full permission to express all of your feelings, knowing that you will immediately tear it up into tiny piece and throw it away, that no one will read it, not even YOU!

  • Write and write. Scribble. It doesn’t need to be legible. Your mind and heart will be far ahead of your hand. You won’t be able to keep up, it will at times become a line across the page

  • Write until you feel complete, it could be that you use:

    •  Free Form Writing

    • Non Dominant Handwriting

    • Dialogue / Gestalt

3.   Thank yourself and then tear up the paper

Thank the part of you that shared. Being Grateful for the relationship you have with your inner self...

  • Tear up paper into tiny pieces and throw it away right away or burn it

4.   Sit in heartfelt silence

Place your hand on your heart, breathe into your heart space and thank yourself for sharing. Acknowledge and appreciate yourself. Allow yourself to feel what is coming up for you.

5.   Offer yourself insight

Ask yourself what insight, message, realisation, revelation is here for you. Simply listen. Nothing might come at first. It may take many times of writing. the process isn’t linear. You might receive an answer later in the day when you aren’t thinking about it. You might receive something right away.

  • The insight might also come in the form of a picture, words, quotes or inspiration.

6.   Raise your vibration

Sit with the different energetic vibration and

  • Write the insight in your journal. The insight is of a higher vibration than the initial issue had. THIS is the point of Transformational journaling. To lift your vibration and have it aligned with Universal Truth, not by denial, spiritually by-passing, intellectual reasoning, but by truly PROCESSING … untangling, releasing and receiving INSIGHT.


AND when you go back and reread your JOURNAL, it becomes a SPIRITUAL BIBLE, a PERSONAL WISDOM BOOK filled with “your” insights, messages, inspiration. It doesn’t by pass the shadow. It shows the shadow transformed and you keep with your higher vibration.

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JUST by looking back over the pages, your body will remember the high vibration and it will serve to lift you up in the moment so powerfully.

Each step is important.


  •    Intention Setting

  •    Free Form Writing

  •    Non Dominant Handwriting

  •    Dialogue / Gestalt

  •    Insights

  •    Self-Expression

  •    Celebration

  •    Acknowledgement

  •    Appreciation

  •    Gratitude

  •    Art, pictures, colors

  •    Quotes, Inspiration

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